My Spirit of Love Will Dwell in Your Hearts

Jesus of Love
My dear children whom I love, Jesus of Love, on this Sunday, feast of my holy sacrifice, you assist in my coming onto your altars. Some attend mass, others stay away from me, alone with their own presence.

Yes, I, Jesus, exhort the Spirit of love to penetrate your hearts so that you may become aware of these writings that are addressed to you, so that you may become my children of the Light.

You who ignore me by staying at home inside your walls, which you have erected, what are you waiting for to be in me? I am coming soon to make you discover why you exist. You are my children, not children of darkness.

You do not know what the other one, my enemy, reserves for you. You already feel his malicious ideas, his hateful works, and this eats away at you. Soon, you will feel the entire depth of his hatred for you.

My darling children, I, Jesus of Nazareth, love you and I want to warn you of my coming into you. How many do not believe that soon my Spirit of love will dwell in your hearts? All will know that I, Jesus, tell you the truth. Soon, you will no longer be able to ignore me, as you will see me within you as a light shining in the night: although the darkness surrounds it, we see only the light that shines.

It is I, my darling children, who am this Light that will shine in you. I will make you see me. You will know me like my holy apostles, my holy disciples who made me known, me, the Son of the Father, I who am in heaven.

I am there waiting for you in my church. You do not even trouble yourselves to come greet me. Wherever you are, I will find you. My Spirit of love, my Holy Spirit will breathe the Love into you. Within you, I will be.

My holy sons whom I love, I beg you, prepare my lambs to receive me. I am in each of you who are my shepherds on earth. You represent me. You are the ones who are keeping them for me. The time is coming when the Shepherd will take over the guarding of his whole flock of the world, my holy Church. I AM is there, coming for you who love me and for you who do not love me. I will make you discover me, you who do not know that Jesus loves you, even if you do not love me.

I forgive. I am merciful. I want you for me. It is my Heavenly Father who gave you to me. All those you have given me, Father, I love them, I want them all in me.

You, my dear little lambs, who are at the head of a group of lambs, I give you works to carry out for your Jesus of love. I pour sanctifying graces into each one of you, so that you may be models of humility, abandonment, love for your neighbour.

I bless you all, my dear lambs. Come to me, you who are far from me and you will know eternal happiness. My beloved daughter, you are the one of my joy! I love you. Amen.

Source: Love For All My Children, Jesus. – Volume 1, Message 95 (May 13, 2001). By The Girl of My Will in Jesus, Les Éditions FJ


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