I Am the Head of the Church

Jesus of Love
My beloved whom I love, I am in you. You are in my holy Presence. I love you all, my children. You call yourselves Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox, or other religions, don’t you know that you are all my children? I am the only God.

My children, I am not one type of God for some, and another type of God for others. I am the only God. I do not have two ways of loving, two ways of awakening love within you. I am the only Love. My Life is the one that offered itself for you all, my children.

Some say they are better than others, either because they are closer to God’s doctrine, or because they are baptized, or because they belong to a circle of children who have studied the Bible, or on principle, or because of their birth. It is solely I, my children, who am in you, who know my Heavenly Father, who am united with him. Whoever knows my Father, knows me.

You, my children, who are divided by your laws, I want you all for me in my mystical Church. I am the Head of the Church; you are all my members, without exception.

Am I going to burn an arm that does not respond to my doctrine? Whether you love me, or whether you are pagan and do not know me except through my children, am I going to reject you after you have given me a drink, food, clothing, care? No, my children, I will not reject you. It is written: “Whatever you will do for the least of my children, you will do it for me.” Yes, you are all my children, in every shape and form.

My children, you who love yourselves, it is I, Jesus, whom you love. I am the Life in you, my children. Wherever there is love, I am present. I cannot neglect my children who love me.

How many of you observe the laws of religion, of your religion, even when you do not love one another. Think about it, my children. When you pray me, it is real words that I want to hear. Say them to me, these words. Love one another as I love you. I am here with you, in you, through my Holy Spirit. I live, I am living.

My children, the Love has no barriers. It is I, Jesus, who am the Love. I love you and I want you all gathered in me, in one religion, one Church, my Church. I am the Church; you are my Church, my children.

Prepare yourselves, the time is so close! I am coming to reign in your hearts, in the heart of each one of you. How I love you, my children! Be children of light who shine in this time of darkness.

All will say of you: “Here are children who love one another; let us love one another as well, so that we may be children of light.” Yes, children who belong to me, Jesus. You, my children, you will have eternal life if you say yes to the Life. Life everlasting is here, ready to come into you. I am the Life. Whoever dies to himself has the life that is my Life. I AM is here since always. Always, the Life will be.

I ask you to think carefully, my children; you will have to answer soon. Bless
yourself, my daughter. I love you. Amen.

Source: Love For All My Children, Jesus. – Volume 1, Message 97 (May 15, 2001). By The Girl of My Will in Jesus, Les Éditions FJ


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