Whoever You May Be, Come

Jesus of Love
I, Jesus of love, write by your hand which I bless for my children, all my children. I want them all for my own.

My children, whoever you may be, come to me all of you. You who are in pain, who cry, who suffer, who are forgotten, who have been violated, mistreated morally interiorly or exteriorly, I am the one who consoles, who dresses your wounds, who loves, who forgives the ungrateful, who no longer remembers your shortcomings, who wants only to love you.

Yes, I will console you for all your shortcomings towards the Love. I am so loving! I will never tire of repeating how great my love for you is, my children. Whatever you may be thinking, whatever you may have done, I, Jesus, love you and want all of you, taking great care not to frighten you away.

I will show you all that my love has accomplished for you. I am not ungrateful, I will give you everything in exchange for your love. All benefit, all love is for you.

I cannot obtain for you what is damaging to your soul, I love you too much for that. I, the divine God, know what is best for you. Your future is before the eyes of my Divinity. I cannot obtain for you what would lead to your ruin, my children.

What parent would give his child a dangerous object, knowing that it could cause his death? No, my darling children, I cannot go against my love for you, I love you too much for that. All is within me for you. It is up to you alone to know if you want to be loved by me, Jesus.

Why do you hesitate over your yes? Are you afraid to become involved with my love? Do you think that this is too demanding on your part? By loving me, you would feel obliged to constantly pray on your knees or to go to church every day of the week, to be in adoration in my church? Yes, my children, some of you obtain pleasure from performing these acts for the Love; but, my children, this cannot be for everybody.

My children, the first steps towards the Love are so simple: only love God of Love, say an I love you to your brothers and sisters. With my help, you will, my children, discover the Love in them, by giving them what I give. Everything you do, my children, do it in love. Your neighbour will discover that you are inhabited by the Love. I am your neighbour. Whatever you do for the least among you, you do it for me.

My daughter whom I love, write down these words of love. My children of the Love, the Love is living in each of you. You are flowers of my love that I made blossom within you. My children of love, may each flower of love grow within you so that I may pick a bouquet of love to give you love in bloom. Each flower will be a pledge of love that will carpet my divine Being who has all power over the universe. All will be without equal. All is in me.

I am the power of the Love. The Love is life in each of you. All life is from me, the Love. I am love for you, you for me. My children, my love is so strong that it can no longer hold itself back; I am coming towards you to tell you: “I love you; you, you, you and you, each one of you.”

Amen, I tell you, all will see the Love in their heart. I am coming in all of you, me, Jesus, living in each of you. Amen.

Source: Love For All My Children, Jesus. – Volume 1, Message 99 (May 17, 2001). By The Girl of My Will in Jesus, Les Éditions FJ


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