My Children, Life Is Within You

My beloved daughter of my sweetnesses, you are in me in the Divine Will. You are me. You live solely within me. You are what I want you to be. I have placed my holy Presence within you. I have you write these words to bear witness to my Presence in each of my children whom I love. You are all in me. Whoever you may be, I am in you, my little children.

Some of you suffer greatly from not feeling my Presence within you. My little children, it is not I who refuse to live in you, it is simply your shortcomings towards the Love that render you unclean to taste the well-being of my Presence within you.

My children, you are not aware that I am there, within you, for if you knew, you would recognize yourselves as love. The true meaning of life is to live in the Love.

My children, you cannot live unless life is within you. Your interior is life. That which you see on the exterior is nothing but an appearance. The life of your body is not on the exterior. Life, real life, is interior. It exists. It is within you. What appears on the outside is simply life emanating from within.

My children, take the time to go within yourselves. You will discover yourselves as you really are. If you only observe yourselves outwardly, you will see only the surface, just like the mirror that reflects what is on the outside. All is within you. It is like a light bulb: its energy source comes from within. It shines through its interior.

You are like this light. Go into the light and, once you have passed the glow that shines and blinds, you will see an interior filled with life that acts, that loves, that gives, that is patient, that whistles its happiness, that feels life, that animates all that is your life, the real life within you, in me, in us.

Real life is inside you, not on the outside. This life, which you believe is life, is animated and nourished by your real life. My children, the life within you is so beautiful, loving. I am the Life within you. Through my Presence I animate you, I nourish you. All inner life is life through me, the Love. I am the Love who gives life. My love nourishes your life. You, my children, are love.

Why search elsewhere for what is within you? All is within you. This is so true, my dear little children, that, soon, when you will see yourselves within yourselves, you will be in such joy to know that you are love that your whole interior will recognize its Lover. Oh! how I love you!

My loves, you who do not know how to go within yourselves, I am asking you to be confident that Jesus is within you, that he lives within you. Because you have entered into me through your yes to the Love, you recognize what is good. It is you who do good things by renouncing evil, by being good to yourselves and by giving yourselves to your neighbour. By coming to me you will see yourselves becoming better persons. No, do not be incredulous. Going within yourselves is to give your life to God and saying to him: “Take all of me, do what you wish so that I may be yours for eternity.” That is being mine.

To live for me is to renounce your thrilling joys of false values in order to replace them with inner joys that will not disappoint you. These joys will allow you to feel that you are loved by God:
– they will give you peace;
– you will discover your brothers and sisters who live their lives without me, and you will give them to me, so that I may transform them;
– you will discover that slandering your neighbour is not love;
– you will have but one desire: his happiness;
– you will no longer feel hatred for your neighbour because, when he will be unjust towards you or others, you will entrust him to me;
– you will offer your days to God so that your days may be filled with graces;
– you will become charitable towards your neighbour;
– you will become calm before incomprehensible situations, for you will know that this no longer concerns you, but me;
– you will have faith in me alone, God;
– you will believe in my power;
– you will offer me each gesture so that it may become prayer. Prayer will become for you a means of not falling into temptation.

My children, remain at peace when another does not approve of your behaviour of love. In this way, you will live in the Love for your being and for your neighbour. Search for the Love and you will find him within you. Thus, you will become love. Do not forget that the other children will also become like you, if you, you give them to me.

Living in God is not complicated, it is you who are so with your false reasonings. Be careful of how you speak of me, the Love, because I am careful of you when I speak of you. Even if you do not hear me, I listen to you. I love you. My children, you who think you know how to love, why do you behave as children who do not know what the word love means? If you speak about love, know what love is!

My children, you who ignore me, I remain alone within you. It is I who have given you life. This life is eternal. When you will say yes to me, I will show you that I want to be in you for eternity. Love me. I, the Love, will give you everything. I love you. I cannot refuse you what I, Jesus, want of you: love. You in me, me in you.

My children, how can I stay here waiting for your life to become a yes to the Love? I have been waiting for you since the first moment of your life. My loves, everything is for you. Come into me. I will make you discover the love you are lacking.

When you refuse to come to the Love, you wander about like the dying in a world conceived for love. Everything is so sad! If the Love does not live within you, how will you be able to live when your world kills love?

Love is alive, it is everywhere. Everything is love. Everything your eyes see comes from the Love who nourishes your sight. If you are lifeless beings, your eyes see nothing but a world without life, without love. My children whom I love, let me show you that the love that lives within you lives through me. I am there, where everything is me. When you seek what is within you, I reveal myself to you. It is at this moment that you are in me.

When the life within you will discover the yes to the Love, I will show you through my food of life what is in you: a garden of love coming to life. You will see the beauty of love with your own eyes. Thus your exterior will be love. Everything will seem love to you, everything will be love.

You who are alone, without me, come to me, the Love. I want you in me, with me. When a child gives himself, he lets himself be taken by me. I pour into him graces of love that change him. He becomes love. Therefore, he is me, the Love.

Within him, everything is transformed into me. You become what you must be: children in love with the Love. My children, you will no longer be unhappy. How can one be unhappy when the Love nourishes love? You will become love. I love you.

My children, come to me; I am dying out of love within you. Tell me, do you love me? I, Jesus, love you. May all within you be love, through me, with me, in me. Jesus loves you. Bless yourself, my beloved child. Amen.

Source: Love For All My Children, Jesus. – Volume 2, Message 132 ( June 2, 2001). By The Girl of My Will in Jesus, Les Éditions FJ


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